5 Major Ingredients in the Recipe for Good Leadership

businessman-about-to-shake-hands_shutterstock_108362603Many people believe being a leader is a quality you either have or you don’t. Possessing the ability to effectively motivate people without crossing into the lines of dictatorship can be hard. This is especially true when everyone’s definition of a good leader can vary from person to person. However, many notable keynote speakers on leadership can all agree on these 5 basic elements which make a good leader.

A good leader is not only confident themselves, but instills a feeling of confidence in their team as well. They create this environment of productivity and followership through their poised nature, clear vision, and decisive decision making.

While many people look to leadership for inspiration, a good leader knows how to be inspired. It’s the job of the leader to take their outside influences or inspirations and positively impact their team of workers. Whether it’s through great advice or constructive criticism, an effective leader understands how to create an environment that thrives on reciprocated inspiration.

Being transparent and genuine are overlooked qualities when it comes to a good leader. By being yourself and allowing others to see you for the person you are, you develop a necessary level of trust between you and your team. Remove the “mask” and be fully present and open with your team. When a team knows what to expect from their leader, it makes the work environment that much easier.

Leadership and innovation go hand-in-hand. A good leader is one that is not afraid to take risks, is creative, and doesn’t shy away from the norm. Taking an out-the-box approach to leadership allows for a free flow of ideas that can ultimately make your team more productive and your organization more efficient. Empower yourself and your team to utilize creativity for problem-solving.

The lifeline to any efficient organization or team is communication, and that starts at the top. Proficient leaders know how to communicate effectively with their team. From articulating the company’s vision to detailing team goals, communicating expectations is the role of the leader. Without this, your team will always fall short of their intended target.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and a good leader isn’t built over night. It takes time, patience, and the right blend of the aforementioned skills to really develop into someone worth following.


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