What is an Executive Leadership Training Boot Camp?


You’ve heard of boot camps at gyms, but did you ever think there could be a boot camp for executive leadership training? It’s true. Let’s take a look at what this once-in-a-lifetime boot camp training is all about.

A good executive leadership training boot camp will pair you up with a Fortune 500 CEO who will become your mentor during this journey. It is during this time you will work on creating your own personal leadership philosophy, which will allow you to become a better leader and help improve overall business results.

What to Expect?

When you register for an executive leadership boot camp, expect to spend two to three days working both individually and in a group, along with listening to keynote speakers.  A typical, two day boot camp could include the following:

  • Day 1
    • Arrival/registration/welcome
    • Instruction and group work
    • Lunch
    • More instruction and group work
    • Day 1 Summary
  • Day 2
    • Arrival/breakfast
    • Instruction and group work
    • Lunch
    • More instruction and group work
    • Day 2 Summary
    • Graduation

Why Create Your Own Model?

Many believe leadership is a special skill, combining art and science, which allows you to influence others. It can be tough and unforgiving, yet rewarding. Over time, leadership becomes an expression of who you are. At this point, let your character shine.

When creating your own personal leadership model, your boot camp instructor will ask you to think about leaders you find influential. Who do you look up to? Jot down some influencers and note who others indicate they see as a role model. While these leaders can help you model your own personal model, including beliefs, philosophy and experience, it will be you who makes on the spot decisions.

Who Will Be In Attendance?

At executive leadership boot camps, you will typically find yourself amidst other senior level executives directors, managers of global teams, and other individuals who have outstanding careers and leadership roles.



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